On the Issue of Bomb Detection

C&EN a publication by the American Chemical Society of which i was formerly a member of recently published an article on their website about the explosive used in the Brussels and Paris bombings called TriAcetoneTriPeroxide or TATP, the article entitled “Explosive used in Brussels isn’t hard to detect” looks at methods for detecting the explosive

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Our Views on Science Education.

I was recently linked to a video about the Board of Education for the State of Alabama continuing to add a statement about the “controversy” of evolution. So lets clarify some stances, it is the belief of those behind The Amateur Scientist that Science Education should teach the science as it is understood and practiced

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On “Splenda Cancer” and other Junk Science Stories

I was going to make a post expressing the various flaws in the recent Ramazzi Institute study but I found a far better written and well thought out article on Forbes by Emily Willingham showing some of the major flaws and omissions in the study. Of Note according to information from the Author the 500

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Row Seven is Now Complete

A research group led by Kosuke Morita working for RIKEN has officially discovered the 113th element in the periodic table, which along with elements 115 117 and 118 being found in joint US Russian experiments conducted at Lawrence Livermore in California and Oak Ridge Labs in Tennessee rounds out the seventh row of the periodic table.

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AiG Fighting for Relevancy

In response to Answers in Genesis’s article on Bill Nye: Fighting for “Science” AiG: Fighting for Relevancy I initially wanted to do a complete, point-for-point rebuttal on this AiG article, but it seemed petty to do so.  Insead, here AiG’s central question at the heart of this version of the debate. “Can you name one

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March 2023