Some would wonder, “Why would I include an ‘Art’ category on a science website?”

Good question.

Ever since I was a little kid, I always knew I loved the sciences.  I thought of everything else as a waste of time, or just something to pass the time before I learned something new about science.  I always thought (rightly so) that schools were woefully lacking in science, and I cursed all this music and art that I was forced to take.

Fast forward to today.  As an older and wiser kid, I value what the artists bring to the table, especially those who are scientifically literate.  They help us explore the inner depths of our mind, inspire us with new ways of thinking, and help us bring into existence something that has not existed before.  I regret not taking the time to dive deeper into the arts and not enjoying it as much as I could have.  I strongly believe that it would have made it easier for me to grasp some of the concepts of calculus, made my AutoCADD class easier, and allowed me to be more creative and innovative in all aspects of my life.

My regret doesn’t have to be yours, or your children’s.  Wherever you can, support a local artist.  You never know what they may help you, or someone else, discover.